Biota exhibition 2009

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BIOTA exhibition 2009

An exhibition by
Reginald Christiaan
Richard Isaacks
Donna Kotze
Marianna Johanna Lot
Vilho Snake Mtuleni
Robert Mukuya
Wynand Pieters
Ute Schmiedel
Jeannete Swartbooi
Sebedeus Swartbooi
Design and text editing: Barbara Engelschall and Stefan Sommer

The Loki Schmidt Haus in the Botanical Garden of the University of Hamburg presented an exhibition on the eight para-ecologists
of BIOTA Southern Africa. Within this exhibition the para-ecologists introduced their activities with texts and photos.

Also, a documentary on the deforestation in northern Namibia "Wiza Wetu! Our Forest!" was shown. From about August 2009 we
screened the film "Bridging the Gap. Para-ecologists in Action" which has been produced by the BIOTA para-ecologists in cooperation
with Martin Gruber in May 2009.

Opening reception on the World Day to Combat Desertification (17 June 2009) with a talk by Ute Schmiedel
and video presentation "Bridging the Gap. Para-ecologists in Action":

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