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Biota exhibition 2011

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Exhibition about BIOTA paraecologists (2011 - 2012)

An exhibition in the pyramids of the Desert Garden in the Botanical Garden of the University of Hamburg. Eight paraecologists from Namibia and South Africa describe the work they did in support of the ecological research activities in southern Africa and explain what the work means to them.

An exhibition by
Reginald Christiaan
Richard Isaacks
Donna Kotze
Marianna Johanna Lot
Vilho Snake Mtuleni
Robert Mukuya
Wynand Pieters
Ute Schmiedel
Jeannete Swartbooi
Sebedeus Swartbooi

Design and text editing: Barbara Engelschall and Stefan Sommer

Technical support: Bettina Krebs, Angela Jahns, Stefan Rust

72 555 IMG 4216.jpg

72 555 DSC06273.jpg

72 555 DSC06300.jpg

Marianna Lot IMG 4213.jpg


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