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{| border="0" cellpadding="5px"
| [[File:Serawit_Tassew_US17_1600_b_200.jpg|link=Serawit_Tassew]]
| [[File:Serawit_Tassew_detail_200.jpg|link=Serawit_Tassew]]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
[[Serawit_Tassew|Serawit_Tassew]] (Ethiopia)
[[Serawit_Tassew|Serawit Tassew]] (Ethiopia)

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Paraecologist Profiles

If you are working as a paraecologist or if you worked as a paraecologist in the past
and if you want to be represented on this website, please send your information
to the webmaster. If you need some help please click here.

Seblework Alemu Tarekegn 72 200.jpg

Seblework Alemu Tarekegn (Ethiopia)

72 200 Caleb at Conference in Hamburg 2014.jpg

Caleb Analo (Kenya)

Fikadu Aseza 72 200.jpg

Fikadu Asseza (Ethiopia)

72 200 IMG 7511.jpg

Reginald Christiaan (South Africa)

Tamirat Gelaye 72 200.jpg

Tamirat Gelaye (Ethiopia)

Teshome Gigi-2 72 200.jpg

Teshome Gigi (Ethiopia)

Miguel 20120815 0461 72 200.jpg

Miguel Sachilulo Hilario (Angola)

72 200 SASSCAL Meeting 083.jpg

Meshack Kwamovo (Botswana)

72 200 US08 4342-b.jpg

Johanna ‘Marianna’ Lot (South Africa)

72 200 P1010036.jpg

Robert Mukuya (Namibia)

Kefyalew Mulele b 72 200.jpg

Kefyalew Mulele (Ethiopia)

Abebe Mulu 72 200.jpg

Abebe Mulu (Ethiopia)

72 200 MOSES MWANGOKA photo by HABIBU SAID.jpg

Moses Anyelwisye Mwangoka (Tanzania)

72 200 b CIMG6577.jpg

Tianasoa Honoré Ratolojanahary (Madagascar / Andasibe)

Serawit Tassew detail 200.jpg

Serawit Tassew (Ethiopia)

Misasu Teshome 72 200.jpg

Misasu Teshome (Ethiopia)

Sintayehu Tufa 200.jpg

Sintayehu Tufa (Ethiopia)

Gebrehiwot Woldeyohannes 72 200.jpg

Gebrehiwot Woldeyohannes (Ethiopia)

Ratoneros SRNP 16jan94 200.jpg Parataxonomists of the Area de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) (Costa Rica)

See more information on the website http://janzen.sas.upenn.edu/