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Robert Mukuya

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Robert Mukuya



Mobile: +264 81 2981672


Where am I from:


Born on the 25 August 1982

I live in Rundu, Kavango Region in the North-eastern part of Namibia


Rukwangali (1st), English (2nd), and Nyemba (3rd)

Current and previous works:

Currently Iā€™m working for the Future Okavango research project (, employed by the Namibia Nature Foundation as research field assistant [Para ecologist] in Mashare, east Rundu, Namibia.

Type of work I do:

I conduct interviews and translate for researchers Rukwangali / English, download data from weather stations, assist in organising community meetings, conservation agriculture projects and assisting the production of participatory awareness films like Wiza wetu! Our forest!, Mema eparu water is life and Liparu lyetu! Our life!. I also assist various researchers in their field work and collect data for the soil scientists, microbiologists, economists, and botanists.

Previous working experiences: Para-ecologist in BIOTA Southern Africa:

I was an assistant of biologists from 2001 until 2004. From October 2004 until April 2010 I worked as a para-ecologist in the BIOTA Southern Africa project ( During this time, I collected insects, monitored plant phenology, downloaded data from automatic weather stations and conducted environmental awareness activities with school children.

My skills and experience:

Type of work I do:

Type of work I do:

Type of work I do:

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