Abebe Mulu

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Abebe Mulu


Contact details:

Mobile phone: +251 913967312

Email: menge.mulu@yahoo.com

Postal Address: P.O.Box 1351, Wondo Genet, Shashemene, Ethiopia






Oromic (mother tongue)

Sidamic (mother tongue)

Where I live and work:

I live and work in Wondo Genet, Wabi Shabele, near Shashemene, Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia


- Local tour guide training

- Paraecologist training on plant biology, plant identification and plant photography

- Self-trained ornithologists (with focus on Ethiopian birds)

Working experiences:

- 6 years of experiences in guiding tourists around the Hot Springs of Wabi Shabele

- Working with wildlife researchers from Wondo Genet College for Forestry and Natural Resources

My passion:

I am passionate about birds and ornithology.


Tadele Zewide (lecturer at the University of Hawassa, Department of wild life at the Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources)

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