Sintayehu Tufa

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Sintayehu Tufa


Contact details:

PO Box 128
Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resource
Wondo Genet Ethiopia
Phone no. +251 (0)913276397





Where I live and work:

I was born at Wondo Genet, Ethiopia in the year 1974 (Gregorian calendar). I still live at Wondo Genet. I am passionate about bee keeping and mostly do garden farming. Since I joined the paraecologist program I improved my knowledge about natural resources and nature conservation.

My work as a paraecologist:

Monitoring of phenology of trees in the surrounding of the college in order to inform the timing for the collection of seeds for propagation.

Identify mother plants and monitor best time and place for seed collection.

Search for tree species that are not available yet in the tree nursery of the college, collect and grow them in the nursery.

Support the nursery and the arboretum of the college if needed.

Collect information on and photographs of local medicinal and food plants.

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