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Guidelines for profile writers

Dear paraecologists,

The paraecologist platform is looking forward to your profile!!

If you are currently working as a paraecologist or if you worked as a paraecologist in the past and you are looking for a new post or if you even just like to share with the others what you did when you worked as a paraecologist and where you are now – please send your information to the webmaster Ute Schmiedel:

What kind of information may be needed? 

  • Name, contact details (please provide contact details where you are likely to be reachable for some time!)
  • Where am I from (e.g. place, country)?
  • What is my mother tongue / what languages do I speak?
  • Where do I live?
  • Where do I work (e.g. which organization, project, institute)?
  • What type of work do I do (type of tasks, responsibilities)?
  • What are my skills, expertise and special interests?
  • Publications or other products I have been involved in (you can provide links to other websites where they can be watched or provide these to be presented at this website
  • Vision of my future career
  • Who could be contacted for references?
  • What else do I want to say on the website?

The bullets above are merely suggestions not instruction! You are welcome to choose text structure and style of presentation of your choice. Internet texts should not be longer than 0.5 to 1 page.


The main website is in English. However, for your personal profile, you are welcome to choose a language of your choice. You might want to choose a language that many of the people that are interested in your work and expertise are able to read and understand.

You are also welcome to provide the information in two or more languages. However, please note that no translations will be provided by us nor can we offer text editing; it is your responsibility to make sure that the texts are legible.

Text format:

Please provide the text as text document (not pdf).


If you like, please provide photographs of yourself or aspects of your work. That would be very welcome!

Please provide photographs as separate files, not copied into the word document! Also, provide name of photographers if you want to give them the credits for the photograph(s).

Where to send to:

please send your information to the to the webmaster Ute Schmiedel:

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