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Miguel Hilario

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Miguel Sachilulo Hilario


Contact details:

Cell phone: +244-93-8953798
Email (work):



Place of birth:

Bie, Angola

Date of birth:


Current work:

Paraecologist in “The Future Okavango” Project (


  • To be the link between the Chitembo community and the researchers of The Future Okavango project
  • Conduct research activities together with the researchers and on behalf of the researchers
  • Community orientation and introduction of the members of the project to the authorities and operational structure of the village
  • Monitoring of the project sites and maintenance of collected data


  • I am trained as a teacher
  • Translator of English into Portuguese and other local languages of Angola
  • Computer management in different program e.g. MS Excel, MS Word, internet, power point
  • Facilitating workshop at the village level


Hilario, Miguel S. (2013): Cusseque - Para-ecologist Miguel Sachilula Hilario. In: Oldeland, J., Erb, C., Finckh, M. & Jürgens, N. (2013) [Eds.]: Environmental Assessments in the Okavango Region. - Biodiversity & Ecology 5: 81–82. DOI: 10.7809/b-e.00251. PDF (1,7 MB)

Contact reference:

Dr. Ute Schmiedel
Senior scientist and Paraecologist coordinator
Biocentre Klein Flottbek & Botanical Garden
University of Hamburg
Ohnhorststrasse 18
D-22609 Hamburg
Tel. +49 - (0)40 - 42816-548
Fax +49 - (0)40 - 42816-539

Miguel 20120815 0465 72 400.jpg

Miguel Sachilulo Hilario 72 555.jpg

Miguel 20120816 0799 72 555.jpg

Miguel 20120815 0403 72 555.jpg


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