Tianasoa Ratolojanahary

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Tianasoa Honoré Ratolojanahary



Phone: +26133 01 858 68

Email: godroka@gmail.com


Malagasy Country: Madagascar (Andasibe)

Mother tongue:

Malagasy (other language French; English)

I live in Andasibe / Madagascar. I work with the Mitsinjo Association, the Aspinall Foundation, and also with Team Simpona. I do field research in remote areas of Madagascar on lemurs and their habitat. Specifically, I research the Prolemur simus.

When I am in Andasibe, I also work with the Mitsinjo Association guiding tourists. My skills, expertise and special interests are trekking, researching the Prolemur simus, doing environmental education, and working with people.

The vision of my future career: I want to continue researching the Prolemur Simus as long as I am physically able. To do this I need support and collaboration from everybody to ensure continued funding and projects.

72 200 mitsinjo.jpg       www.mitsinjo.org


72 250 Aspinall.jpg www.aspinallfoundation.org

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